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Contest Ends January 5, 2008

Redesign My Sewing Space and Office Space

First Prize -- $20 Gift Certificate for The Quilt Bug

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OTHER PRIZES -- Batik Fat Quarters from Teresa's collection for "Good Suggestions"

Teresa is a quilter and she travels to Bali and buys Batiks right from the small manufacturers

Jean DeSavage is the winner of the contest

Jean is an art quilter in Michigan. Her blog is: Jean's Artful Spirit
And, thanks to everyone who sent in designs and many, many good suggestions. I am ready to start moving real furniture after we put in a new flooring and paint the triangle room.

Three plan entries came in

Three floor plans
Plus, many quilters sent in pages of suggestions for organizing. Thank you all.

Contest Rules

Print out these pages or download them. You can use printed copies and cut out paper furniture, arrange it and paste or tape it in place on the plan drawing. Or if you download the pages you can crop out the furniture and equipment and paste them "electronically" into the plan with a graphics program. When you finish your design, send it to me by e-mail, scan a paper copy and send your scan, or take a photo and send your picture attached to an e-mail. christine@winnowing.com

You must find places for ALL the pieces (or tell me where they are to be stored) in your final design. You can suggest new purchases such as cabinets and shelves and cupboards needed to organize all this stuff. Home Depot, Lowes, or Ikea would be good affordable sources. My budget can handle reasonable suggestions and I will be pleased if you can specify dimensions.

We just bought a SHED so you can move some things out there. Click on the word to see the shed.

The decision of the Judge (and the household treasurer) will be final. Anyone can play!

The pieces of the puzzle start here:

Furniture and stuff

  1. New Janome Jem Platinum -- The sweet little machine that started this project
  2. 301 in cabinet (my main machine)
  3. Sewing bench with supplies inside
  4. Ironing board and iron
  5. White fabric storage cabinet -- completely stuffed with fabric
  6. Roll around cart 1
  7. Roll around cart 2
  8. Fold-out three tier cabinet (thread, blades, etc.)
  9. Floor to ceiling wall unit with shelves and low cabinet (this can be moved)
  10. Large drop leaf table top
  11. Large drop leaf table with one leaf out
  12. Large drop leaf table with both leaves out
  13. White Featherweight in case
  14. Three black Featherweights in cases
  15. Two mocha Singer 301s
  16. Mocha Singer 301 in case
  17. Black Singer 301 longbed
  18. Singer 24 chain stitch machine in case
  19. Singer 101 in cabinet - open. Closed cabinet
  20. Small cutting mat (18" x 12")
  21. Large cutting mat (35" x 24")
  22. White roll-around drop leaf (35" height from floor)
  23. White roll-around one leaf up
  24. White roll-around both leaves up
  25. Singer card table with cutout for shortbed 301
  26. Green rolling chair
  27. Teak desk with leaf up
  28. Teak desk with leaf down
  29. Computer and monitor
  30. Epson printer for pattern printing
  31. HP printer-scanner for invoices and orders
  32. Old drop leaf table with leaf up for packing (leaf down for walking by)
  33. Black rolling chair
  34. File cabinet (2 drawers)
  35. Pattern inventory boxes (stacked)
  36. Cover paper for patterns
  37. Plastic bags for individual patterns
  38. Carton of paper for pattern pages
  39. Bright yellow envelopes for shipping
  40. Old UGLY *cedar-lined hope chest containing beaded dress, vintage clothes, etc.
  41. Old UGLY *dresser containing batting, Mother's sewing supplies
  42. Luggage
  43. Old photos
  44. Rollaway bed Getting rid of this through FreeCycle
  45. Huge pile of fabric with no place to go
  46. Small 10" table saw in box (can go in outdoor storage shed)

*We can toss out the ugly hope chest and the ugly dresser, but storage is needed for the contents of both.

Use all three empty (white floor) rooms on the plan drawing below.

The areas shaded blue on the plan are NOT open for change. The aqua squares are skylights.
Second floor plan drawing

The drawing below shows the way stuff is "arranged" now. It is awakward and does not work very well, plus I have more fabric and no place to put it.
Existing arrangement of stuff
If you need more details, write to me: christine@winnowing.com

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Created: 12/12/2007 Updated: 1/8/2008