AOL Quilt Top

AOL quilt top California Delta Sunset
In the mid '90s, Quilters Online at AOL wanted a special place to meet -- a forum. Forty people contributed 10-inch blocks representing their area or state to make a quilt. To coordinate the project, Kona Bay Fabrics donated blue fabric (for PCs) and beige fabric (for Macs). The quilters used both prints in their blocks. The photo only shows part of the very large quilt top. See if you can spot a cowboy boot from Wyoming, mountains and chili peppers from New Mexico, palm trees and alligators from Florida, a lone star from Texas, and wheat shocks from Kansas. I hand appliqued the center block using the Kona fabrics and scraps from the quilters' blocks. Lynn and Rob Holland put the top together. It was machine quilted and presented at AOL headquarters. I've never seen the actual quilt. The prototype for my block, California Delta Sunset, which does not show much in the photo, is above right.

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