Baby Boots

4-inch baby boot

Here are two paper pieced Baby Boot foundations for you to print out. To construct the Baby Boots, sew each of the three foundation section parts and then sew the three sections together. There are foundations for both left facing and right facing boots.

The finished Baby Boot block is supposed to be 4-inches by 4-inches. The foundations have a 1/4-inch seam allowance all around. Print out copies right from this page. Different computers and different printers may give slightly different sizes.

I used two of the Baby Boots in the center of a little baby quilt top which had "grownup" boots all around. The mom and dad are rodeo riders so it was an appropriate welcome for their little cowboy.

Jennifer & Justin's baby quilt Quilt top copyright ©
2000 Christine Thresh
Cowboy Boot copyright ©
1995 Christine Thresh
Dancing Boots copyright ©
1999 Christine Thresh
Horsehead adapted from
"Horse Happy"
copyright © Janet Ludwig
of Chickadee Charms

Baby Boot pattern copyright © Christine Thresh 2000
Baby Boot Facing Right

Baby Boot Facing Left

Individuals may copy these foundation patterns for their own personal use, but not for distribution or sale. Write to me and tell me what you would like to do with the patterns. We can probably work something out. Thank you.

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Created: 12/21/00 Updated: 3/12/2004