Introducing the Bra Quilt

Here is a picture of a mock-up Bra Quilt and a picture of two sample Bra Blocks. Finished size of each block is 12-inches by 12-inches.

Bra Quilt Mock-up Two bra blocks 2/11/02
Bra Block and Bra Quilt Copyright © Christine Thresh 2002

Here is a brief excerpt from the pattern:

Quilting: To allow the contours of the breasts to look natural, quilt in two arcs away from the cups toward the center of the block as shown. Don't quilt in the ditch along the inside center bra cup lines because this will add odd creases in the breasts. You can quilt a "suggestion" of the collar bones at the top of the block if you want to.

(A full size half pattern is included in the pattern packet.)Bra block quilting lines
Three Bra Quilts

Three different Bra Quilts.


The first quilt is 71-inches by 71-inches. The 25 Bra Blocks are set solid in rows of five. The inner border is 2-inches wide, the outside border is 3-inches wide, and there is a quarter inch binding.

The first quilt is the simplest quilt in appearance, but it is the hardest to construct because when sewing the Bra Blocks together in rows of five you have to contend with the bulky bra cups next to each other. This requires lots of pinning or basting to hold the blocks in place while seaming them.


The second quilt is 64-inches by 64-inches. There are 16 Bra Blocks set with 1-inch sashings between them. The borders are the same widths as the first quilt.

The inch wide sashing strips in this quilt will help overcome some of the bulk when joining the blocks in rows.


The third quilt is 62-inches by 62-inches hung on point. The 9 Bra Blocks are set on point. The borders are the same widths as the first quilt.

This quilt has no abutting bulky cup seams to deal with. However, setting triangles have to be made and used for the edges. There are four plain 12-inch by 12-inch blocks between the bra blocks. These open areas will provide space for your own fancy quilting motifs.
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