Canadain flag - paper pieced

Many Canadians made American flags after 9-11. Several of the quilters wrote to me and asked if I could put up a pattern for a paper pieced Canadian flag. Here it is. The center motif is based on the classic 9-patch maple leaf block turned on point and translated into a small foundation pieced block.

The maple leaf block is paper pieced on three foundations (sections A, B, and C). The three sections are sewn together to make a 2-1/2" by 3" block.

Print the foundations for the flag right from this page. Computers and printers are different so your size may vary. There should be a 1/4" margin for the seam allowance around each foundation. The finished flag is 4-1/2" by 8" when it is sewn into a quilt top.

Sew section A on to section C. Match the dots to line up pieces. Press. Then, sew Section B on to the A-C patch. Match the dots to line up pieces. Press. Trim the completed little maple leaf block (keep the 1/4" seam allowances on). Carefully remove the paper and place the maple leaf block in the center of the full flag foundation. Pin the block in place and then begin sewing on the strips for the rest of the flag. Trim and press. Remove the rest of the paper when you put the flag block in your quilt.

Maple leaf sections for Canadian Flag

Place the completed maple leaf block in the center of the full flag foundation as shown below.

Full Canadian Flag foundation

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Created: 10/18/02 Updated: 10/22/02