Elephants Around quilt pattern
Elephants Around title
Animated elephant block
Elephants Around pattern copyright © 2003 Christine Thresh

The inspiration for this pattern was the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I visited the Sanctuary's site on the web www.elephants.com. They care for old and/or injured elephants and let them roam on 800 acres. I figured out a way to give part of the pattern profit to support the elephants.
The Elephants Around pattern is now for sale at $8 on my patterns page.

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We held a contest to name the pattern and there were so many good suggestions, it was hard to decide on the final one. Many of the suggestions referred to circles and dances. Elephant Trail was a popular suggestion because the center square of the block is a classic snail's trail pattern. Several suggestions contained the name *Tina. Finally, there were FOUR winners! The winning names all contained "round" or "around" which I thought captured the meaning of the entire block.
The winning name: Elephants Around.

These people received a free pattern for submitting the winning idea: Nancy L. (A Merry-Go-Round of Elephants), Dbl M. (Elephants All Around), Sarah S. (Elephants around the Maypole), and Peggy H. (Elephants-Go-Round).

*Tina, a 30-year-old elephant, began her travels (by truck) from a zoo in Vancouver, B.C. to the Elephant Sanctuary on August 8, 2003. She arrived at the Sanctuary on August 11. Tina had been alone in the zoo and has some health problems.

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