September 11, 2001

Three Paper Pieced American Flags for you. Make as many of these little blocks as you want and wear them proudly on shirts, vests, and tote bags. Pass them out to friends. Make a whole quilt with the blocks or incorporate a flag block in a special commemorative quilt.

The horizontal and vertical finished blocks are 8-inches by 4-1/2. The waving flag block finished block is 7-inches by 6-inches. (Each paper foundation has a 1/4-inch seam allowance all around before it is sewn to another block or bordered.)

Horizontal American flag Vertical American flag
waving flag

NOTE: There are two foundation patterns for the straight flags. One is for a flag displayed VERTICALLY and the other is for a flag displayed HORIZONTALLY. They are not the same! The U.S. History site's "flag etiquette page" tells us "When the flag is displayed flat...horizontally or vertically, the Union (blue with stars) should be uppermost to the flag's own right."

The waving flag block is made on three separate foundation sections and then the sections are sewn together.

Foundation for horizontal flag
Foundation for vertical American flag

Waving flag section 1
Waving flag sections 3 and 2
Print the foundations right from this page and then make copies on lightweight copy paper for your piecing.

You probably have some red and white fabric in your stash. If you don't have a dark blue fabric with stars, use plain dark blue and embroider white French knots on the Union section (or leave it plain blue).

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Created: 9/14/01 Updated: 10/18/02