Rip-it the Frog Block for paper piecing

Rip-it the Frog

You can print these foundations for Rip-it the Frog right from this site. The finished block is supposed to be 4-inches by 4-inches, however different computers and different printers may give you different sizes.

Rip-it the Frog is made in three sections. After the right and left parts of the frog are sewn on their foundations, sew the frog body on its foundation. The foundation papers should be left on while sewing the three sections together. The foundation patterns include a 1/4-inch seam allowance all around, shown in gray. Rip-it's eyes can be made from two 5/16-inch circles of yellow felt tacked in place with black French knots in the centers, or the eyes can be embroidered with satin stitches. Use the color drawing for placement.

right and left sides

Christine Thresh (c) 1999
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Created: 4/23/99 Updated: 5/28/99