Butch has been holding family barbecues since 1988. This year -- 2008 -- I made a video and put it on YouTube. The video is 3.22 minutes long. It has many of the photos from past years and some "action" from this summer. Click on the screen below to see the video. There may be a "content warning" at the top of the page, put up by your browser, but the video is safe to watch.

In 1999, Butch and Virginia welcomed us to their new home in Nevada City for our annual extended family gathering. In 2000, we were all invited back again to enjoy the beauty of their lovely place.

Hannah GraceVirginia with the soaked girls

Hannah Grace joined the fun this year. She even learned how to operate a squirt gun, but she didn't get as soaking wet at the other girls. Virginia said, "Girls will be girls."

Judy Davis and JoeDiane and Robert

It was good to see everyone.

Martini groupRob and HannahMichael and Virginia
Sylvia, Holly, and Peg sort through family photosMike, Holly, Christine
Hannah and Beverly

All these new cousins!


looking up at the deck

We all enjoyed the the deck which overlooks gardens and a pond.

Lisa, Victor, and Davis, and Jack the dogBen with a super soaker

All the children came prepared with water pistols and super soakers.

Victor and Michael

Even little Michael wanted to get in on the water fun, but.......

Virginia and Michael

Virginia said, "Maybe next year, Michael."

guysmore guys

There was guy talk...

Diane and Lucytable talk

and gal talk (with Victor listening in).

Spencer and BenJule's granddautgher

The kids had the woods to explore.

EllenAnn and SylviaJennifer, Michele, and Lori

We look forward to catching up with everyone's news.

Butch at the grills

Butch fired up the barbecues for his traditional chicken and tri-tip.

Victor and Robertdinner is served

Victor and Robert cooked the corn. Everyone brought something delicious to share.

The barmaidsJack at the bar

The "barmaids" didn't pull in a lot of tips. One customer named Jack didn't tip them at all.

four kids in a hammocksix kids in a hammock

The children found many ways to use a hammock and...


so did one grownup.

Sally and Sylviasleepy dog

Sally and Sylvia displayed the dress and cape they had made for Sally's American Girl doll. Gillian was so tired after a long day chasing off dogs ten times her size she fell asleep right on the table.

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