A traditional symbol of friendship

the Heart in Hand block

Heart plus hand equals Heart in Hand
Fabric design modified from Quilt Pro library

heart block foundation

You can make these paper pieced blocks separately. The heart block makes a dandy quilt border, and the hand block is fun to use for a quilt with an international theme.
Or, you can combine the heart block and the hand block and create a symbol of friendship -- the Heart in Hand. Print the foundation patterns out and make several copies.
The finished size of the hand block (or the Heart in Hand block) is 4-inches by 4-inches (not including the 1/4-inch seam allowance all around). The hand block is made on two foundations: the fingers and then the thumb. Trim the two sections and sew them together for the complete block.
To make the Heart in Hand block, first make a heart block and trim it to include the 1/4-inch seam allowance. You might want to remove the paper from the heart block after trimming to make it easier to insert into the hand block. Construct the fingers portion of the hand block through seam six (6). The heart block is sewn in as patch number seven (7). Be sure to remove the paper on the back of the heart block before continuing. Then, sew on patches eight (8) and nine (9). Construct the thumb block on its foundation. Trim both sections to include their seam allowances and sew them together to complete the Heart in Hand block.

small heart in hand
thumb foundationfingers foundtion

Heart in Hand block Copyright © 2000 Christine Thresh

Individuals may copy these foundation patterns for their own personal use, but not for distribution or sale. Thank you.

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Created: 1/21/00 Updated: 4/2/00