This is another old family quilt top. I have no idea who made it. It is a utility quilt. It think the fabric was probably new (not from worn clothing) when it was made. There must have been a limited supply as evidenced by the quilter's careful piecing to make up complete triangles for the blocks. The blue fabric is an indigo print and the other fabric is a black and white stripe. The fabric is very fragile and has some damage. I've been told by experts the top is not worth quilting due to its condition. It was dated circa 1885 by an appraiser. The top is 78-inches by 95-inches. It is nice to be able to pull it out and look at it once in a while. Now I can share it on the web.
close up of indigo print and black & white
Indigo quilt top
If you have any clues that would help tell more about the top, please write to me at the e-mail address below. Thanks.
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