Paper Pieced Morning Glory

Morning Glory Block

This paper pieced Morning Glory foundation can be printed right from this site. The completed finished block size is supposed to be 4-inch by 4-inches, but printers, computers, and browsers may give you a different size. The block is put together in four sections. The sections are 2-inches by 2-inches with a quarter inch seam allowance all around. Make lots of copies of the four foundations on very lightweight copy paper. Set your sewing machine stitch to 15 stitches per inch so tearing the foundations off later will be easy.

paper piecing foundation for Morning Glory
After piecing each of the four sections, remove the paper backing before sewing them together.

The blocks can be arranged in different ways. They make nice borders. Four blocks, with the stems pointing to the center, give a finished 8-inch block.

arrange the blocks different ways

Individuals may copy these foundation patterns for their own personal use, but not for distribution or sale. Thank you.

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Created: 4/23/00 Updated: 4/23/00